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This year, the ability to vote faces unique challenges. Covid-19 has already caused disruptions during primaries in other states and will remain a concern though the fall. Additionally, unprecedented attacks on mail-in voting and efforts to limit access to the polls will further complicate November’s general election. Despite this, the act of voting remains essential. We all can play a part in ensuring our democracy functions to meet the challenges of our time, and that starts by making our voices heard through the ballot box.

Take a moment to make sure you’re registered to vote. The last day to register in California is October 19th. Even if you previously registered to vote, you may need to re-register if you recently moved, changed your name, or haven’t voted consistently in past elections.

There Are More Ways Than Ever to Vote

This year for the first time, ALL registered voters in California will receive a vote-by-mail ballot. Look for your ballot to arrive the week of October 5th. Once you’ve filled it out, be sure to return your ballot early, and avoid possible USPS delays by bringing your ballot to a drop box in your county.

Many Bay Area Counties allow in-person early voting. By voting in person prior to election day, you can help reduce wait-times at the polls on election day, ensure that your vote is counted, and assist election’s officials in producing timely and accurate results.

Missed the registration deadline? California’s new Same-Day Voter Registration process allows you to register and cast a “conditional” ballot that will be counted once the registrar has a chance to verify your eligibility. You can’t be denied the opportunity to vote, and your vote will still count!

And of course, you can still vote in person on election day. Wear a mask, practice physical-distancing, and stay safe!

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